• “Lest we Forget”

    Anzac Commemorative Site, Gallipoli

  • “This place is haunted by heroes.”

    4th Battalion Parade Ground Cemetery, Gallipoli

  • “We will remember them”

    Dawn Service, Gallipoli

  • “We salute the memory of those sacrificed”

    Ypres Reservoir Cemetery

  • “Do not give away this beautiful motherland”

    Amiens Riverside

The Amalfi Coast Walk

The more relaxed active holiday Looking for something a bit different for your next holiday or as an extension to a battlefield tour? Why not try a walking tour in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal or central Europe. To whet you’remore →

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Sappers Commemorate Gallipoli Centenary with 100 Year Anniversary of Watson Pier and Waterloo Dinner

What is a sapper? It is the rank title for an army engineer private soldier. It is also the generic title now given to all army engineers. The term originally comes from the expression “to sap”. This was the techniquemore →

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The Slab Story

Digging up the past. Changing course for the future. We hear lots of fantastic stories from our tour participants at Boronia Travel, but we really wanted to share this particular one about one of our recent tour participants, Derek Smithmore →

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First World War Galleries Australian War Memorial

The Boronia Travel Team recently spent the week exploring the state-of-the-art new World War One Galleries, of which the interactive Gallipoli map was a great tool to play around with, using the original aerial recognisance photos taken during flyovers of the Peninsula.more →

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The Battle for Pozières

Following the bloody initiation of the 5th Division at Fromelles, the next major test for the AIF was not far off. It would come on the Somme Front, involving the 1st, 2nd and 4th Australian Divisions, and the fighting wouldmore →

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888,246 Poppies on the Wall

Tower of London Commemorates WW1 The First World War claimed the lives of over 16 million people, involved over 100 countries from Africa, America, Asia, Australasia and Europe and had an impact on the lives of everyone in every townmore →

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The Thrust for Hill 971

This month we complete our coverage of the major ANZAC actions during the August Offensive at Gallipoli, with a look at the thrust by Monash’s 4th Australian Infantry Brigade to seize the highest point in the Sari Bair range –more →

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Another chance for unsuccessful Gallipoli ballot entrants

MEDIA RELEASE Travellers will get another chance to commemorate the Gallipoli centenary and retrace the steps of Australian soldiers throughout the campaign with the launch of Boronia Travel Centre’s August Offensive Tour from 29 July – 11 August 2015. Themore →

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Three Great Apps for Smooth Travels

All great travel apps have one thing in common: they all solve a problem you didn’t even realise you had. Whether they’re cutting down journey times, pointing you in the direction of authentic local snack or simply showing you howmore →

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Gallipoli Centenary

Should be to educate, not celebrate The Australian War Memorial’s top historian and Boronia Travel Centre battlefield guide, Ashley Eikins, hopes that the next four years will expel some ANZAC myths and educate Aussies about the truth of the Greatmore →

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